Thursday, September 1, 2011

Black Ops vs Modern Warfare 2

I'll definately be doing a Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3, so I decided to do this as a practice for the real, BIG match.

To be honest, I couldn't find any differences between the graphics, so I'll make the choice depending on optimisation. When I first had Modern Warfare 2, my pc was old and I still could run the game, and I was scared of it not running on my pc. Well, it did, and it actually run on the highest graphics. When I bought Black Ops, my pc was updated, and I couldn't run the game on highest graphics. Yes, I know the graphics are the same because of the youtube videos and watching my friends play. If I was comparing graphics depending on my computer, Modern Warfare 2 would be kicking it's ass. I think the winner here is obvious.
Modern Warfare 2

Both of these games are first person shooters and the only gameplay difference I recognise is the Dolphin Jump from Black Ops (Ctrl while Sprinting). I'll call this a tie, because the jump from Black Ops doesn't change anything, and pretty stupid.

Finally, a part of the game which I can compare normally, which is actually "different". Well, maybe not that much, but there are some differences. I didn't find any differences on how the weapons handle, so the weapons were pretty much the same for me, but some additions of Black Ops were really fun. I loved ballistic knife, and the wager matches were really fun to play. Getting rid of Nuke was really a great choice, too. Other than that, the maps of both games tie, I thing, I didn't mind maps so much, I had fun from all of them, which is great. So I'll give it to Black Ops here.
Black Ops

Single Player
Storywise, Black Ops was much better than Modern Warfare. It had an amazing storyline about a huge conspiracy during the cold war's hardest times, and it eventually tied in to reality, which was amazing. Thinking this, I want to say Black Ops was better, but playing it, I found myself playing only because of its story, not because of the fun. But in Modern Warfare 2, I was playing because it was really, really fun. I had a blast playing the game, and 6 hours past like a 2-hour blockbuster summer movie. Like I said before, my heart is with you on this one Black Ops, but Modern Warfare 2 really deserves this one.
Modern Warfare 2

This actually is Zombies vs Spec-Ops. I played the Zombie mod for the first time in Black Ops and loved it, but some levels in Spec-Ops (like Big Brother) makes Modern Warfare 2 take this one. The amazing levels of Spec-Ops were some the most fun I had in front of the PC, and that definately should count as a bonus against the overall awesomeness of the Zombie Mod.
Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 is much more optimised, gameplay is the same, in singleplayer Modern Warfare 2 is superior but Black Ops is better in Multiplayer. I would say Black Ops wins because Multiplayer is the most important aspect of the game, but because of how close they are (only differences are Black Ops not having nukes, having ballistic knife and some mods), I'll say Modern Warfare 2 is a better overall package. Singleplayer is great, Multiplayer is good and Spec-Ops is amazing. Ofcourse, if you won't play spec-ops and the singleplayer campaign, you should buy Black Ops instead. So the better game overall is:
Modern Warfare 2

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Blog

Hey guys, this'll be my blog where I compare things. I have a wide range of interests, so i'll make comparisons  from comic books to video games and fictional universes. Hope you'll enjoy.